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I. 读一读下面的单词或短语。

   1. studies   2. scientist   3. pilot   4. afraid     5. worried 

6. breath    7. hurt      8. reading stories       9. factory worker

10. drawing cartoons     11. wear warm clothes  12. see a doctor


II. 读出下面的句子。

  1. What are Peter’s hobbies?

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. How does he go to work?

4. The cat is angry with them.

5. My father is ill. He should see a doctor this morning.


III. 朗读下面的对话。

    John: Hey, Yifan. What are you doing?

Wu Yifan: I’m writing an email to my new pen pal inAustralia.

John: Does he live inSydney?

Wu Yifan: No, he doesn’t. He lives inCanberra. His name is John, too.

John: Really? Does he like doing word puzzles and going hiking?

Wu Yifan: Yes, he does.

John: Amazing! I like those too! Can I also be his pen pal?

Wu Yifan: Sure. Why not?

John: Cool!


IV. 说一说你的好笔友。(从年龄、性别、国籍、外貌、性格、爱好、能力、语言等方面)





 ruler   pencil   green    yellow    white    mouth   

duck   bear  water  fish   nine      four    eight

I have  an eraser.     Nice to meet you.

Let’s go to school.  What’s this?

 It’s  a duck. 

Can I have some water, please?

You’re welcome.  Happy birthday!


II. 请尝试着回答下面的问题。

1.What’s  your name?

2. Good morning .     Good afternoon.

3. Nice to meet you.

4. How are you?

5. What’s this?

6. How old are you.


III. 请自主选择一首英文歌曲或者儿歌进行表演。





window     noodles    floor    Chinese book     strong  

hair        glasses     beef     uncle           sofa      

1. What’s in your schoolbag?

     2.What would you like for dinner?.

     3.My family has six people..

二. 根据括号内容或实际情况回答问题。(10)

1.Where is the computer?(near, window)

2.Would you like some vegetables?

3.What’s his name?(Zhang Peng)

4.How many people are there in your family?

5.What’s your mother’s job?




Mike:     Mum,I’m hungry.

         What’s for dinner?

Mother:   What would you like for dinner?.

Mike:     I’d like some bread and soup, please.

Mother:   What would you like for dinner?.

Father:    Some fish and vegetables,please.

Mother:   Dinner’s ready!

Mike& Father:  Thanks!


2016- 2017年度第一学期小学英语




1. strict       2. Wednesday      3. delicious      4. behind

5. there       6. their           7. village        8. play the pipa

9. play football      10. in front of       



1.        He’s very clever.

2.      I often do homework, read books and watch TV.

3.       Her favourite food is fish

4.      We’ll have an English party next Tuesday.

5.      There is a white cat behind the door.



1.        What’s he like?

2.      What do you have on Fridays?

3.       What would you like?

4.      What can you do?

5.      Is there a big bed in your room?




An email to Robin

Dear Robin,

   I am Yifan’s art teacher. I just moved into an old house. The rooms are dirty. There are pencils and crayons on the floor. There are pictures and photos everywhere. Oh, no! I see a mouse behind my computer!

   Please help me. I live near the nature park. Please hurry!

Mr Jones



1.        Who is Yifan’s art teacher?

2.      Are the rooms dirty?

3.       What’s on the floor?

4.      What’s everywhere?

5.      Is there a mouse behind the computer?

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